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Frozen Trimming Machines

Made in China

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Frozen Trimming Machine, Model NS-60T
EUR42,490/SET FOB SHANGHAI, CHINA, including:
OBD cyclone separator, 1 set
Metal hose 1.5 m, 1 pcs
Low temperature special thickened insulated exhaust pipes, Φ160x1m, 2pcs
Aluminum corrugated exhaust pipes, Φ150 and Φ200 each 1 set
Spare parts and consumables, 1 set
The price is on EUR100=RMB754 basis, if the exchange rate fluctuates more than 1%, the prices should be adjusted in last payment according to "Bank's Buying Rate" in http://www.boc.cn/sourcedb/whpj/enindex.html
Payment by 30% T/T prepayment, 70% T/T payment before delivery.
Lead Time: 20 days after Seller's receipt of prepayment
Frozen-Trimming-Machine-1 Frozen-Trimming-Machine-2

No. Description Model Qty Unit EUR
1 Automatic Jet Freezing Trimming Machine NS-60T 1 Set


2 Equipments Shipped with the Machine (including the Following Parts)   1 Set Included
2.1 OBD Cyclone separator   1 Set
2.2 Metal Hose Length 1.5m 1 pcs
2.3 Low Temperature Resistant Special Thickened Insulation Exhaust Pipe Φ160 Length 1m 2 pcs
2.4 Aluminum Corrugated Exhaust Pipe Φ150 & Φ200 each 1pcs 1 Set
3 Consumables   1 Set Included
4 Shipping Cost To Shanghai, China   1 Set Included
5 After-sales Service   1 Set Included
5.1 Installation Design Plan (Installation Master Plan)          
5.2 Helps to Buyer's Technicians/Engineers on Installation and Commissioning        
5.3 Staff Training, 2 Days
5.4 Quality Guarantee          
Additional Remarks:
1. Product introduction, technical performance indicators and main component configurations are attached independently..
2. A list of the wearing parts is attached independently.
3. The installation plan is attached separately.
4. The quality assurance period is 1 year, the use time is not more than 2000 hours, whichever comes first; after receiving the customer's failure notice within the quality assurance period, the response is within 1 working day, but the violation except for malfunctions caused by man-made reasons such as operation and disassembly.
5. The above prices do not include:
5.1. The equipment is moved in and installed in place;
5.2. Public works piping construction;
5.3. Pipeline construction for liquid nitrogen input and nitrogen discharge;
5.4. Other foundations, floors, partitions, explosion-proof, lighting, ventilation and other related equipment.

Appendix 1: Product Introduction
The frozen trimming process is suitable for rubber, injection molding, zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials. It has the characteristics of not damaging the product, high processing precision and wide application. Compared with other trimming methods, the frozen trimming has high precision and high efficiency. Low cost, environmental protection and no pollution!
With the accumulation of 40 years of frozen trimming technology in Japan, the automatic jet trimming machine is researched & developped & manufactured by the core technology team jointly established by China and Japan. With the most advanced product models in Asia, it has the widest coverage and the highest market share in Asia.

The automatic jet type frozen trimming machine has the following technical features and advantages compared with other brand products:
Sorting system:
Sato vibrating screen with adjustable 3D waveform
1. Full 304 stainless steel housing, long service life and high stability
2. Unloading and maintenance is simple, fast and improves production efficiency
3. Excellent insulation performance to prevent peripheral freezing
Power system:
The Φ350mm alloy throwing wheel is used, and the high-frequency motor is used to form the power system. The 60L (45-degree tilt) cylindrical parts basket is used together.
Features: Effectively achieve a 1:1 stable ratio of power output and product throughput
Temperature Control System:
It adopts imported electronic temperature control components and imported insulation materials from Japan.
1. Precisely ensure the temperature control during product processing to ensure that the product is free from damage and the edges are removed.
2. Excellent insulation performance, reducing liquid nitrogen consumption, and reducing the effect of decibel operation

The frozen trimming machine has corresponding special models for different product materials.
Rubber, injection molding, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting products —— NS-60C/T S-60C/T
Rubber, injection molding, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting products —— NS-120C/T S-120T
Magnesium alloy die casting products —— MG-60/120C
*C type refers to button type control, T type refers to touch screen control type
*T-type equipment is a high-end model, and additional functional modules such as network control and barcode gun can be added according to customer requirements.

Appendix 2: Technical performance index of NS-120T automatic jet type frozen trimming machine

Item Technical Performance Index
Model NS-60T
Machine Sizes 1160mm x 1100mm x 2115mm
Lowest Temperature: -130℃
Design Pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa
Frame Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Volume of Parts Basket 60L
Maximum Speed of the Throwing Wheel 6000rpm
Throwing Wheel's Sizes 250mm
Design Electric Supply: AC380V 50/60Hz
Power 8kW

Appendix 3: Main components configuration of NS-120T automatic jet type frozen trimming machine

Category Component Brand
Powerplant Motor for Throwing Wheel REALLAND
High proportion gear reducer REALLAND
Throwing wheel assembly SGP
Control Method Touch screen FUJI
Sorting Device Vibrating screen STMC

Connecting Gear

Bearing/oil seal/gear/coupling/soft connection SMT/NOK/KHK/TSUBAKI
Closed linkage handle TAKIGEN
Closed base TAKIGEN
Connecting hinges and clips TAKIGEN

Electrical Control Device

Electric heating door seal seal SGP
Liquid nitrogen solenoid valve ASCO
Frequency converter/PLC Mitsubishi
Temperature Control Device Temperature Sensor Sakaguchi

Security Device

Safety door sealing cylinder CKD
Proximity switch / limit switch OMRON
Pneumatic solenoid valve CKD
Insulation Materials Insulation Materials Toho Inoue
Shell & Frame of Machine SUS304 Steel STMC

Appendix 4: List of consumables (The below pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for details.)

Item Qty Unit Picture Remarks
Deflector 1 pcs 1_Deflector   
Throwing wheel's seal plate 1 pcs    
Impeller rotor 1 pcs 3_Impeller-rotor   
Roller seal 1 pcs 4_Roller-seal   
Gearbox bearing 1 Set 5_Gearbox-bearing  1 Set (3pcs)
Door seal 1 pcs 6_Door-seal  Heating wire inside
Vibrating screen seal 1 Set 7_Vibrating-screen-seal  1 Set (3pcs)
Vibrating screen middle filter 1 pcs 8_Vibrating-screen-middle-filter  40 Meshes
Nylon laminated sleeve 1 Set 9_Nylon-laminated-sleeve  1 Set (2pcs) Φ100 & Φ250

Principle of Frozen Trimming Machine

The automatic jet type frozen trimming machine is a kind of ultra-low temperature using liquid nitrogen to rapidly embrittle the flashes of rubber, plastic products and magnesium alloy products, and in this state, the high-speed jetted frozen particles hit the product's edges. It is a special trimming device that can remove the flashes of the products with high quality and high efficiency while maintaining the physical properties of the rubber, plastic products.
During the processing, the temperature (-130℃~0℃, LSR parts should be -110℃), speed (0-7200r/min), and wire diameter of the plastic particles (0.3-1.5mm, provided by Supplier) can be adjusted to ensure that the products are not frostbitten and bruised to ensure good quality of the products.


Working Profile of Frozen Trimming Machine
Key remarks:
1. Cycle of Plastic Particles
2. The wheel rotates to generate a negative pressure; the Plastic Particles are sucked to the wheel.
3. External Environmental Protection Device: Cyclone Separator
4. Plastic Particles and Flashes Drop
5. Plastic Particles and Flashes are separated automatically
6. Flashes are stored here
Working Profile of Frozen Trimming Machine

Process of Frozen Trimming
Key remarks:
Setting Parameters
Putting in Products
Taking out Products
After the parameters are set, during the mass production state, only these three basic steps need to be repeated.
Process of Frozen Trimming

Overall Planning of Frozen Trimming System

Project Analysis
Product: LSR Tip
Status: After being frozen trimmed

Step 2: Put the basket filled with the products into the frozen trimming machine
Step 3: After setting the parameters, close the door, start automatic mode, and automatically process the products.
Note: After the parameters are set, there is no need to reset any subsequent cycle processing.
Step 4: After the automatic cycle is completed, the device alarms the notification, and the operator opens the door and takes out the products. Step4
Step 5: Remove the products from the basket and clean the surface of the products. After cleaning is complete, you can use the products.

Production Capacity of 60L Equipments
Calculated in 8 working hours per day:
Daily capacity = single batch throughput (kgs) * number of processing per hour * working hours



Conservative estimation, based on working hours, the 8-hours daily processing capacity is 192kgs

Technology and Advantages
Advantages of the frozen trimming machines:
1. High processing efficiency: To process products in batches in a short time, and its efficiency is much higher than manual operations'. High-efficiency and high-yield can greatly save the cost of employing people and create more profits.
2. The processing quality is reliable: The products are processed by the machine, in the whole process of operations, the participation of worker is very low, the processing quality of the products is not affected by the state of the worker, and the quality can be maintained consistently.
3. Reducing scrapping: The workers processing soft rubber products, in the event of mistakes, may damage the appearance of the products, resulting in products scrapping, and the process of freezing and trimming can maintain accurate processing and eliminate unnecessary cost waste.
4. The applicability of the machine is wide: The machine can not only deal with the burrs of soft rubber products. For other zinc alloys, rubber, silica gel and specific plastic products, as long as the burrs can be controlled within a reasonable thickness range, the process can be used.
5. The equipment uses liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant (the liquid nitrogen returns to the atmosphere after gasification), and has a dedicated dust collector, which is absolutely environmentally safe.

As early as the 1970s, the frozen trimming process has been applied in Japanese manufacturing, and we have had decades of research and development experiences on it. In China, our market share is always the highest. We serve the widest range of industries. We are the largest retailer of the frozen trimming machines with the most complete service system.

1 The frozen trimming machine has a corresponding special model for particular product material. At present, there are different types of frozen trimming machines such as NS-60C, NS-60T, NS-120C and NS-120T.
2 All core components are top-level brands
3 The main body of the machine is made of high quality SUS to ensure long life.
4 Imported insulation materials in the machine effectively block heat exchange and reduce the cost of use.
5 The main technical datas of our machine such as "power ratio" and "sorting system" are in an absolute leading position in the market.
6 100% domestic assembly line of the machines adopts Japanese technology and processes.

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