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    Rimpex Rubber offers online catalogues not manufacturers' traditional book catalogues for China rubber industry.

    So Rimpex Rubber would NOT mail traditional catalogues to your office. If you are a sincere buyer, you should first read trhough our website with the help of google search boxes throughout thousands of webpages in www.rubberimpex.com. One webpage is prepared for one manufacturer. And most of webpages are prepared from those manufacturers' traditional book catalogues with our scanning works, photoshop works and website publishing works.

    When you are interested in the products listed in some webpage of www.rubberimpex.com, you could click "Submit" button at the bottom of each webpage and send email to us with corresponding subject preset by us. Thus we could know what kinds of products you are interested in and which manufacturer we should notify.

    Please kindly understand that Rimpex Rubber is making full advantages of internet technology to make the communications between foreign potential buyers and China manufacturers going more smoothly. You know, not all China manufacturers could well promote their products even that they have their own websites which usually are not friendly to search engines.

    Provided that you could find some manufacturers' websites directly not through Rimpex Rubber, you might find out that not all manufacturers could response to your enquiries because China's SME factories in rubber industry usually don't have English spoken employees to reply you. That is why trading companies are there all the time to sell manufacturers' products all over the world. Of course, we know there are more and more newly graduated employees, who speak English, from colledges, universities are going to China's SME factories in rubber industry but it might take several years before they could meet with the demands of China's SME factories in rubber industry.

    Rimpex Rubber could bring more chances to China's SME factories in rubber industry, so Rimpex Rubber has good relationship with them. We could get latest book catalogues from these China's SME factories in rubber industry and update them into webpages now and then.

    Rimpex Rubber's online catalogues for rubber industry could serve as more as possible visitors from the global. See, you are coming!

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