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(TR 2294-021-48158319-2001)


BK-1675N - for the fabrication of inner tubes, diaphragms for vulcanizes, rubberized fabrics.


Butylrubber has a low gas stream penetrability, good dielectric properties, is stable against the influence of oxygen, ozone, acids, alkalis, sunlight, high temperatures in humid and dry conditions, animal butter and fats and vegetable oils.

Butylrubber is badly combined with other types of high-unsaturated elastomers (NR, SKI-3, etc.). The vulcanization is accomplished with more active accelerators and at more elevated temperatures.

Name High Grade
Mooney viscosity MB 1+4 (125'C) 46-56
Mooney viscosity inside of lot, max 8
Unsaturation %, mol. 1, 4-1, 8
Ash content, %, max 0, 4
Weight losses at drying, %, max 0, 3
Antioxidant content, %, -
Agidol-2 0, 05-0, 20
or VS-30A 0, 1-0, 5
or Agidol-1 0, 2-0, 4
or Irganox 1010 0, 02-0, 08
or Anox 20 0, 02-0, 08
Mechanical contamination absent
Tension strength (kgf/sm2), min 19
Intension 400 % elongation, min? 7
Elongation at break, %, min 600
Iron content, %, max 0, 020
Calcium stearate, %, max 1, 2


Substance of little danger as for the effect on human organism and does not have properties of allergic product, is not toxic.


Butylrubber must be stored in a good ventilated production premise protected from the effect of direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation at the temperature of 400℃.


Guaranteed storage time - 1 year starting from the production day.

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