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www.rubberimpex.com www

Rimpex Rubber introduces BSK SBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber.

Butadiene-Alfa-Methylstyrene Rubber

Application Areas

Are used in the tire, engineering rubber goods, cable, shoes.

Hazards Indentification

Substance of little danger as for the effect on human organism and does not have properties of allergic product.


Rubber BSK-1500 and BSK-1502 must be stored in good ventilated production premises protected from the effect of direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation at the temperature 400'C max.

Storage Grantee

Guaranteed storage time - 1 year starting from the production day.

Technical Specifications

Rubber is perfectly combined with other types of general purpose rubbers (NR, SKI-3, SKD, etc.) To obtain desired physical-mechanical properties in compounds based on this rubber, active and semi-active fillers are incorporated, such as channel blacks, HAF, ISAF, FEF, furnace blacks, etc.

Name High grade
Mooney viscosity 1+4 (100??) 45-57
Mooney viscosity spread inside of lot, max 8
Ashes content, %, max 0, 60
Weight losses at drying, %, max. 0, 50
Antioxidant content, %: -
VC-1 -
or Phosphorite NF 1, 0-2, 0
or Santoflex 134 -
or Wingstay T 0, 7-2, 0
or VTS-150 or VTS-150B -
Non-polymerized vinyl monomer, %, max 0, 3
Organic acids, % 5, 0-7, 2
Soaps of organic acids, %, max 0, 25
Combined vinyl monomer, % 21-24

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