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Metal Framework Rubber Sealing Strip Microwave Continuous Vulcanization Product Line

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Rimpex Rubber supplies metal framework rubber sealing strip microwave continuous vulcanization product line, fuel oil heating hot air vulcanizing curing sulfuration system, rubber extruder.

Fuel Oil Heating Hot Air
Vulcanizing Curing
Sulfuration System

Fuel Oil Heating Hot Air
Vulcanizing Curing
Sulfuration System

Metal Framework
Rubber Sealing Strip
Microwave Continuous Endless
Vulcanization Product Line
This oil heating hot air sulfuration system is a recently developed product which adopts BALTUR burner to provide combined features of high automization, reliable and safe in use, protection against sudden break of oil supply, burn out, automatic burning restoration and ignition, sufficient burning and fuel level adjustable, etc. The temperature control employs 2-way circulation system and PID and PIC frequency-varying blow engine, which greatly shorten the time period of heating up and save the energy consumption by 3-4Kg/h. Besides, it can prolong the burner's service life and increase the preciseness of temperature control. The transmission adopts frequency-varying speed adjustment approach and can be uniformly controlled.

    INET series sealing strip product line is applied to the continuous production of various sealing strips and it is featuring of high automation and simple operation, especially the automatic following device matched with product line can align, track and control the production process to ensure the product quality.
     The system has the function of vulcanizing rubber which is extruded from rubber extruder efficiently and continuously with microwave resources. It is capable of producing various sealing strip with metal framework.

Suitable for:
single layer rubber(sponge and dense rubber)
bi-compound rubber(sponge and dense rubber)
Tri-compound rubber(steel core, dense rubber and sponge)

Rubber Extruder
Diameter 75

Rubber Extruder
Diameter 90

Three Complex
Microwave Sulfuration Vulcanizing
Manufacturing Production Line

Main Technical Data
For Extruding Machinery Diameter 75
Main Technical Data Main Structure
For Extruding Machinery Diameter 90

Main Technical Data For Core Storage Rack

Main Technical Data For Core Storage Rack

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