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Prevulcanizing Tyre Recap Machine

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Rimpex Rubber supplies prevulcanizing tyre recap machine, air charging type tyre pattern imitating tread polishing machine, tyre burnishing machine, automatic control vulcanizing curing tank, disassembly machine for tyre package sheath, dual functions tyre expanding machine, tyre tread rubber adhibiting Jointing machine, prevulcanizing tyre tread vulcazing curing press machine, rubber feeding framework for tyre recaping, rubber feeding rotating framework, rubber raw materials extruding machine, rubber slurry machine, shoulder turnover wheel surpressing device, single functionary tyre expanding machine, tyre bead ring disassembly machine, tyre diminutively polishing, running framework, tyre dust collector, tyre powder cleaner, tyre recap repairing machine, vulcanizing tank entrance rotating framework, vulcanizing tyre bead ring.

Air Charging Type
Tyre Pattern Imitating
Polishing Burnishing Machine

Automatic Control
Vulcanizing Curing Tank

Disassembly Machine
Tyre Package Sheath

Dual Functions
Tyre Expanding Machine

Peak Turnover Shoulder Turnover
Dual Functions
Tyre Tread Rubber
Adhibiting Jointing Machine

Prevulcanizing Tyre Tread
Plate Ply Slab
Vulcazing Curing Press Machine

Prevulcanizing Tyre Tread
Polishing Burnishing Machine

Rubber Feeding Framework
Tyre Recaping

Rubber Feeding
Rotating Framework
For Tyre Recaping

Rubber Raw Materials
Extruding Machine

Rubber Slurry Machine

Shoulder Turnover
Wheel Surpressing Device

Single Functionary
Tyre Expanding Machine

Tyre Bead Ring
Disassembly Machine

Tyre Diminutively Polishing
Rotating Running Framework

Tyre Dust Collector
Tyre Powder Cleaner

Tyre Recap
Repairing Machine

Vulcanizing Tank Entrance
Rotating Framework

Vulcanizing Tyre Bead Ring

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