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Butyl Rubber Stopper Production Line Technology Transfer
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Rimpex Rubber participates in technology transfer of butyl rubber stopper production line.

Technology Transfer of Butyl Rubber Stopper Production Line

    Transferring Production Technology of Butyl Rubber Stopper, Halogenated Butyl Rubber Stopper and Transfusion Purpose Soft Packaged Rubber Stopper. The transfered technology includes process design, equipment selection, formulation technology, process technology, laboratory design, technician training, etc. Following rapid development of medicine industry, new type medicines are coming forth, leechdom packing processes and equipments are updated frequently, so it correspondingly has stricter requirements on medicine package materials. Being direct-contact package materials with leechdom, rubber stopper is one of the most important parts which might influence leechdom quality. Europe and American have adopted butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber with high purity, good sealing performace, excellent biology inertia to produce stopper since 1960s. In 2000, China State Food and Drug Administration issued doucument No.21 "Temporary Management Measures on Leechdom Package Materials, Vessels" and notice No.462 "Notice on Carring out 'Temporary Management Measures on Leechdom Package Materials, Vessels' and Enhancing Intendance and Management on Leechdom Package Materials". It brings forward clear requirements on rubber stopper factories to enhance management, update products series. So China rubber stopper factories must recognize development direction, follow situation and adjust products' structure to produce standard qualified butyl rubber stopper to meet with tight market. Our partner institute is in possession of many excellent, professional experts on rubber stopper industry. They have experienced design, management. They have grasped and developed rubber stopper production technology very well to keep up with world level technology. So we could provide technology service for customers to reduce cost on crooked researching road and improve enterprise's success opportunity.

    The following is detailed transferred procedures and contents:
1. Workshop Locale Layout Process Design
2. Provide Assistant on Factory Equipment Selection, Procurement for Necessary Outfit For Butyl Rubber Stopper Production
3. Provide Corresponding Industry Standard, Similar Formulation and Process Regulations With Europe, American, Japan
4. Send Engineers to Factory on Production Management and Technology Management Till Smooth Operation Stage
5. Participate in Factory's Quality Updating and Tackling Key Technology Problem on Butyl Rubber Stopper
    All above mentioned charges should be for customer's account. Final charge amount should be negotiated and signed by both parties.Welcome your enquiry.Thanks.

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