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Rimpex Rubber supplies conveyor machine, conveyer machine, cement chamotte conveyer machine, chain conveyer machine, conveyor machine with corrugated ribbon with flange for haven mine, coal, fertilizer, foodstuff and concrete cement, dual duct screw feeding machine, fixed type belt conveyer machine, hopper type lifting machine, screw conveyer machine.

Cement Chamotte
Conveyor Machine
DT 320 400 500
Dip Angle15 a

Cement Chamotte
Conveyor Machine
DT 320 400 500
Dip Angle15 b

Chain Conveyor Machine
FU Series
Dip Angle 15

Conveyor Machine With
Corrugated Ribbon With Flange
For Haven Mine Coal Fertilizer
Foodstuff Concrete Cement

Dual Duct Screw
Feeding Machine
SIW Series

Fixed Type Belt
Conveyor Machine
TD75 Dip Angle 20

Hopper Type
Lifting Machine
NE Series 800m3/h

Conveyor Machine

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