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Rimpex Rubber supplies carboxyl nitrile rubber powder, dipping purpose carboxyl nitrile latex.

Type N Resin Flexibility Tenacity Reinforcement Agent
Carboxyl Nitrile Rubber Powder
(A Brief Introducetion)
Carboxyl Nitrile Rubber Products Workshop
Carboxyl nitrile rubber power is produced by grafting the carboxyl-bon on the outer edge of nitrile to form a nuclear shell structure.After grafting, the micelle becomes a honeycomb type and the light wave can pass through the micelle, so it can be used to make fransparent prouduce.Being white in colour and fine in grain, this product is quite compatible with polyvinyl chloride(PVC), phenolic resin(PE) ABS resin, nylon(PA) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolyme(EVA).It can be pelletized by feeding it into the single-screw extruder, thus saving labour, time and energy with fangiblr result.if can be substituted for p83, Du Pont 741, chlorinated polyethylene(CPE) and also for MBS as PVC fransparent products.This product has passed the qualification test jointly conducted by Nanjing Science and Technology Commission and Economic Commussion and has been reported to the higher authorities for a major item of new product at national level.

This product can improve the elasticity, oil resistance, low-tem-perature flexture resistance, antiskid, abrasion resistance, compression and permanent deformation resistance and aging resistance of the PVC products.If can prevent the low-molecular plasticizer from moving to the surface and homogenize the millipores of the foaming products by increasing the melt strength.By mixing with phonolic resin, its impact resistance and clongation can be improved, thus obtaining an impact and vibration resisting product which is particularly suitable for making brake-shoes of high-speed train and limousine.Such product is not only in abrasion and great in friction coefficient, but also vinrationless.

By mixing with PE or PP, its elasticity and impact strength can be distinctively improued.

1. Carboxyl nitrile rubber power has a song absorbing action orlow-molecular.For the production of PVC soft products.It is imperative to mix first with dry-powered assistant and then add low-molecular plasticizer (such as DOP), After PVC has completely absorbed the low-molecular plasticizer, then add this product.If is preferable to add this product at below 80℃ in order to avoid agglomeration.For the production of PVC hard products, the mixing can be carried out simultaneously.

2. This product is contained in a PE filmy each of 5kg.And two bags are contained in a net weight of 10kg.Take care not to stack too high during storage or fransportation, in order to avoid agglomeration of the power.

Applications of Carboxyl Nitrile Rubber Powder


Asbestos-free brake-shoes of high-sped train and limousine, high-temperature and oil resistant cable materiar, high filler (over 300% of CaCo3) PVC film (using 5% of this product).

Oil-resistant hose, transparent film, spongy rubber, foam glue, paste resin products (dirpping gloves, confraceptives, actor's headgear, palette coating, artificial leather)

Elastic cable material, rolled high-elastic film, shoe leather, seat cushion leather, sole material of high-grade shoes, boots, car sealing strip.

PVC Special-shaped material, plastic/steed door and window, decorating buckle, cold bend, fittings, piping products.
Polypropylene PP, Nylon, PC, Burningproof ABS

Physics and Chemistry Performance of Carboxyl Nitrile Rubber Powder

98% pass through 40-mesh screen
Volatile % ≤
Combination nitrile content %
Mooney riscosity ML100℃1+4
Gel content % ≥

Appearance White Powder
First Grade 98% Pass Through 0.9mm Mesh With 20 Holes/Square Inch
Excellent Grade 98% Pass Through 0.5mm Mesh With 40 Holes/Square Inch
Top Grade 98% Pass Through 0.15mm Mesh With 80 Holes/Square Inch

Type N Resin Flexibility Tenacity Reinforcement Agent are packed with PE film bag;each bag weights 5kg.A paper case contains tow bags and weights 10 kg.To avoid the Carboxyl Nitrile Rubber Powder being pressed to pellets, the cases should not be stacked not be too high.

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Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex

Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex is negative ion type macromolecule polymer latex. The distribution of latex molecular weight and granule diameter is rather average.It is oilproof, agentproof, acidproof, alkaliproof.It also could be combined with sulfur, metal oxide.Its stability is better than natural rubber latex.

The products from Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex haven't hypersusceptibility effect on human skin, not easily damaged by sting, puncture, directional stretch strength is better than products from natural rubber latex.

Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex is similar with Japan 551, USA R Tylac.

Technical Data Sheet of Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex

Solid Content %
Viscosity Mpa.s
PH Value
Combined Nitrile %

Analysis Laboratory

Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex Model FM201 has extra performance of easily film forming, easily film pulling off and its products have milk white color and better elasticity than FM101.FM201 is suitable for non-lining thin glove

Main Application of Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex

Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex seris are suitable for oilproof glove, carpet, etc.And FM101 is suitable for lining glove, FM201 is suitable for non-lining glove and condom.

How to Use

Dipping Purpose Carboxyl Nitrile Latex could not be storaged in environment with temperature lower than 0℃ and higher than 50℃, it had better not be touched with acid, alkali, salt and hard water to invoid latex coacervation.

Package, Storage and Transportation

Packed in 200L plastic barrel, N.W.180Kg/Barrel
Storaged in temperature between 4℃-40℃
Transported by truck, train, etc.


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