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www.rubberimpex.com www
Silicone Goggle
Silicone Goggle
Silicone Swimming Caps
Silicone Swimming Cap
Fibre Lycra Swimwear
Fibre Lycra Swimwear
    These silicone goggles are easy to adjust the length of nose-bridge with its unique and fasionable design which can minimize water resistance. Antifog coated lenses with special treatment. 100% silicone packing band.
    Available in a wide variety of colors and designs to match each and every taste.
    Various design and color. Fantastic utility express myself. Specially treated antifog lenses NoFog. Unique and colorful design good choice for customers.
    Please pickup the goggle at least -0.5—1.0 lower than normal diopter after checking your eyesight with sample due to the eyesight’s reflection in the water. When measuring your eyesight, if your eyesights is -0.5 diopter it is good for you to wear -4.0—4.5 diopter lenses.
    You can choose the case depending on your tastes.    The world’s first bioceramic swimming cap for customers’ health and comfort. This new swimming cap, a combination of bioceramic and silicone, not only fits better, it improves your health. This combination of materials improves circulation and vitalizes your metabolism. Embossing inside the cap is also unique, and these swimming caps are rapidly gaining popularity around the world for their quality and performance. The effects of bioceramic and the interior embossing eliminate pressure, tightness and pain to the head.
    Swimming caps are simply design and available in a broad range of colors. Special embossing for a different, comfortable feel.
    Swimming caps are available in a variety of prints to match every taste.
    Swimming caps can be made to order to meet domestic and foreign requirements of famous brands.
    Swimming caps features for health, style and fun in the water. Swimming caps offer the latest in fabulous water fashion, and are available in over 40 exciting colors to match all kinds of swimsuits. At the same time, they features special silicone construction so that the cap is softer, more comfortable, nonirritating and protective of your natural hair.
    Special multicolor series of swimming caps, bathing caps are with bright and harmonized style including cross mixing type, flash mixing type.
    Special sanding for soft feel and attractive style. Lycra span swimming caps are soft to the touch.
    Limited production batches of various designs to guarantee distinction.
    The engrayed logo silicone swimcap which make you look more stylish and energetic with its embossed logo which can give visual effects that make you feel more like real swimmer! Real Fish!     Swimsuits are made from finest fabric lycra which is imported from Italy . Swimsuits feature better quality, greater flexibility and better figure control for stylish swimming. Special anti-chlorine treatment prevents fading and damage to swimsuit.
     New contribution to health and happiness. Sporting goods are the products of advanced scientific materials, , such as silicone, and outstanding modern designs to guarantee complete style, comfort and satisfaction. These products are being recognized around the world for their quality and performance. Factory engineers are exerting total efforts to promote healthier sports for all, and these products are a result of our intensive research and development into providing consumers with the finest in advanced products.
     The born of new towel for sports and leisure. The highly comfortable for sports and leisure made from P.V.A. & chamois. The excellent absorbable by new technological material. By the natural of polyvinylalcohol, a high polymer synthetic resin. It absorbs moisture quickly and it is soft in touching. Useable continuously. The water will be squeezed out completely after its use. It preserves softness, smellness and sanitariness all the time. Good for all sports and leisure. The excellent quality and lower price.

Sports Bag

Sports Towel 01

Sports Towel 02

Swiming Mask Snorkel 01

Swiming Mask Snorkel 02

Swimming Ear Plug 01

Swimming Ear Plug 02

Swimming Fin

Swimming Fin Bag

Swimming Glovees

Swimming Helper

Swimming Kick Board

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