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PTFE Moulded Sheet for Bridge Abutment

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Rimpex Rubber supplies PTFE moulded sheets for bridge abutments.

4000MT Forge Press Machinery
For PTFE Moulded Sheet
Bridge Abutment 01

4000MT Forge Press Machinery
For PTFE Moulded Sheet
Bridge Abutment 02

4000MT Forge Press Machinery
For PTFE Moulded Sheet
Bridge Abutment 03

   This Plastic Material Factory has most advanced PTFE moulded sheet specially for bridge abutment purpose.
    It mainly manufactures PTFE moulded products, PTFE turning products, nylon cast moulding products, nylon extruded products, UHMW-PE sheets, UHMW-PE moulding products, etc.  It also produces 110-2-methyl-vinyl silicone rubber.
    It was established in 1981 and surely it is one of those pioneers in China who manufacture PTFE and nylon products.
    Its products are widely used in domestic aviation, spaceflight, petroleum, machinery, light industry, chemical, paper making, electron, electricity, traffic, metallurgy, etc.
    In 1992, it is reviewed and pointed by the road layout design institute of China state traffic bureau as domestic manufacturer of PTFE moulded sheet specially for bridge abutment. You might know, PTFE moulded sheet specially for bridge abutment requires rather high density, especially for basin type bridge abutment, so domestic manufacturers could not solve this problem successfully.  In 2001, it invests RMB5, 000, 000 onto some 4000mt semiautomatic single cylinder hydraulic press machinery. After 2 years' effort, the machinery is successfully installed in one 3 floors building and smoothly put into use.
    Now the performance items and technical datas of its PTFE moulded sheet exceeds all ones issued by state traffic bureau. It is No.1 in quality in China domestic market.
    The available specification of such PTFE moulded sheets are 1800mm*1800mm, thickness 3mm-80mm.
    We promise to offer you first class quality products, competitive prices together with our honest and services to satisfy you our friends.
    In order to improve bridge abutment's quality to a higher level, we should cooperate closely and make full advantage of our particular press machinery for the market.
    We share such good news with your esteemed party and sincerely hope to get in touch with you for mutual benefitted business relationship.  Welcome to factory anytime both for business and technology exchange. Thanks.



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