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Seals, Gaskets, Rings, Packings

Made in China

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  Medical Dental Grade TPI Granules, Synthetic Gutta-Percha, TransIsoprene Rubber, Trans PolyIsoprene, TPI, Trans-l,4-PolyIsoprene Medical Dental Grade TPI Granules, Synthetic Gutta Percha, Trans PolyIsoprene, TPI, Trans Isoprene Rubber, Trans-1,4-PolyIsoprene V-Belts V-Belts China Largest Manufacturer Of Meteorological Balloons China Largest Manufacturer of Meteorological Balloons  

Rimpex@RPM supplies earamid packing, asbestos, non-asbestos gasket, non-asbestos sheet, asbestos packing, carbonized fiber packing, cloth, disc spring washer, expanded graphite sheet, fibre packing, graphite gasket, graphite packing, maintenance tool, mechanical seal, metal jacketed gasket, mica sheet, oil seal, pipe, PTFE gasket, PTFE packing, PTFE sheet, ring joint gasket, rope, rubber gasket, rubber sealing ring, rubber sheet, sealant, sealing machine, serrated gasket, spiral wound gasket, tape, tower filler, valve stem packing, etc.
Aramid Packing
Aramid Packing
Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Gasket
Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Gasket
Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Sheet
Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Sheet
Asbestos Packing
Asbestos Packing
Carbonized Fiber Packing
Carbonized Fiber Packing
Disc Spring Washer
Disc Spring Washer
Expanded Graphite Sheet
Expanded Graphite Sheet
Fibre Packing
Fibre Packing
Graphite Gasket
Graphite Gasket
Graphite Packing
Graphite Packing
Maintenance Tool
Maintenance Tool
Mechanical Seal
Mechanical Seal
Metal Jacketed Gasket
Metal Jacketed Gasket
Mica Sheet
Mica Sheet
Oil Seal
Oil Seal
PTFE Gasket
PTFE Gasket
PTFE Packing
PTFE Packing
PTFE Sheet
PTFE Sheet
Ring Joint Gasket
Ring Joint Gasket
Rubber Gasket
Rubber Gasket
Rubber Sealing Ring
Rubber Sealing Ring
Rubber Sheet
Rubber Sheet
Sealing Machine
Sealing Machine
Serrated Gasket
Serrated Gasket
Spiral Wound Gasket
Spiral Wound Gasket
Tower Filler
Tower Filler
Valve Stem Packing
Valve Stem Packing

Available Models of Seals, Gaskets, Rings, Packings

AG1101 Basic Type SWG
AG1102 SWG with Inner Ring
AG1103 SWG with Outer Ring
AG1104 SWG with Inner and Outer Ring
AG1105 SWG For Heat Exchanger
AG1106 Special Shape SWG
AG1201 Graphite Cut Gasket
AG1202 Reinforced Graphite Gasket
AG1203 Reinforced Graphit Gasket with Eyelet
AG1301 Flat Jacketed Gasket
AG1302 Corrugated Jacketed Gasket
AG1303 Jacketed Gasket For Heat Exchanger
AG1401 Metal Flat Gasket
AG1402 Metal Oval Gasket
AG1403 Metal Octagonal Gasket
AG1404 BX/RX Metal Gasket
AG1501 Pure PTFE Gasket
AG1502 PTFE Envelope Gasket
AG1503 Expanded PTFE Gasket
AG1601 Basic Type Serrated Gasket
AG1602 SG with Outer Ring (Integrated)
AG1603 SG with Outer Ring (Separating)
AG1701 Asbestos Gasket
AG1702 Oilproof Asbestos Rubber Gasket
AG1703 Non-Asbestos Gasket
AG1704 Imported Non-Asbestos Gasket
AG1801 DSW Used in Low Temperature
AG1802 DSW Tolerant to High Temperature
AG1901 Silicon Gasket
AG1902 NBR Gasket
AG1903 Viton Gasket
AG1904 Other Rubber Gasket
AP2101 Expanded Graphite Packing
AP2102 Reinforced Graphite Packing (with corrosion inhibitor)
AP2103 Graphite Packing Tolerant to High Temperature and High Pressure
AP2104 Graphite Packing with PTFE Impregnation
AP2105 Graphite Packing with Carbon Fiber Corners
AP2106 Graphite Packing with PTFE Corners
AP2107 Graphite Packing Reinforced with Inconel Wire & Mesh Wrapped
AP2108 Inconel Reinforced Carbon Fiber Packing with Graphite Core
AP2109 Graphite Packing Reinforced with Steel Wire
AP2201 Carbon Fibre Packing
AP2202 Carbonized Fibre Packing
AP2203 Carbon Fibre Packing with Graphite Impregnation
AP2204 Carbon Fibre Packing Reinforced with Strong Aramid in Four Corners
AP2205 Carbonized Fibre Packing with PTFE
AP2301 Aramid Fiber Packing Impregnated with PTFE
AP2302 Graphite PTFE & Aramid Packing
AP2303 Graphited PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners
AP2304 Nomex Fiber Packing
AP2305 White PTFE & Aramid Packing
AP2306 Braided Kynol Fiber Packing Impregnated with PTFE and Silicone
AP2401 Pure PTFE Packing
AP2402 Pure PTFE Packing with Silicone Oil
AP2403 Sinered PTFE Packing
AP2404 Graphite PTFE Packing
AP2405 Graphited PTFE Packing with Oil
AP2406 Sintered Graphite PTFE Packing
AP2407 GFO Packing
AP2408 Expanded PTFE Round Rope
AP2409 White PTFE & Aramid Packing
AP2410 PTFE Packing
AP2411 PTFE Packing with Kynol Fiber Corners
AP2501 Ramie Fax Packing with PTFE & Oil
AP2502 Ramie Packing with Silicone Rubber Core
AP2503 Cotton Packing with Grease (White)
AP2504 Cotton Packing with Grease(Yellow)
AP2505 Cotton Packing with Graphite & Oil
AP2506 Arcylic Fibre Packing
AP2507 Arcylic Fiber Packing with PTFE
AP2508 Arcylic Fiber Packing with Graphite
AP2509 E-glass Fiber Packing
AP2510 E-glass Fiber Packing with PTFE
AP2511 E-glass Fiber Packing with Graphite
AP2512 Braided Ceramic Fibre Packing
AP2513 Synthetic Fibre Packing
AP2514 Cotton Vaseline Packing White Color
AP2515 Novolid Fiber with PTFE Packing
AP2516 Silicon Core Packing
AP2517 Ramie Fiber Packing with Lubricant
AP2601 Dusted Asbestos Braided Square Packing
AP2602 Dust free Asbestos Braided Square Packing
AP2603 Asbestos Graphite Packing
AP2604 Square Packing lubricated and Graphited
AP2605 Asbestos Fiber Packing with PTFE
AP2606 Asbestos Packing with PTFE and lubricant
AP2607 Asbestos Fiber Packing with Graphite
AP2608 Inconel Reinforced Asbestos Packing treated with Graphite & Rubber
AP2609 Inconel Reinforced Asbestos Packing treated with Graphite & Rubber
AP2610 Asbestos Graphited Packing Reinforced with S.S Wire
AP2611 Asbestos Graphited Packing Reinforced with S.S Wire
AP2701 Expanded Graphite Packing Ring
AP2702 Reinforced Graphite Packing Ring
AP2703 Asbestos Graphited Packing
AP2704 Asbestos Packing Impregnated with PTFE
AP2705 Muddy Filler
AS3101 Expanded Graphite Sheet
AS3102 Expanded Graphite Sheet Reinforced Smooth SS304
AS3103 Expanded Graphite Sheet Reinforced Tanged Metal
AS3104 Wire Mesh Reinforced Graphite Sheet
AS3201 Asbestos Sheet
AS3202 Asbestos Rubber Sheet
AS3203 Asbestos Rubber Sheet
AS3204 Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet
AS3205 Reinforced Asbestos Compound Sheet
AS3206 Oil-resistant Asbestos Rubber Gasket
AS3207 Oil-resistant non-Asbestos Rubber Gasket
AS3208 Non-Asbestos Beater Sheet
AS3209 Non-Asbestos Gasket Sheet Reinforced with Tanged Carbon Steel
AS3210 Non-Asbestos Beater Sheet with double Carbon Steel Reinforced
AS3211 Acid-resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet
AS3212 Asbestos Rubber Sheet Tolerant to High pressure
AS3301 PTFE Molded Sheet
AS3302 PTFE Skived Sheet
AS3401 Rubber Sheet
AS3402 Fluorine Rubber Sheet
AS3403 NBR Rubber Sheet
AS3404 SBR Rubber Sheet
AS3405 Silicon Rubber Sheet
AS3406 Rubber Sheet with cloth insert

AS3407 Neoprene Rubber Sheet
AS3408 EPDM Rubber Sheet
AS3409 Insulated,Antistatic and Electric Rubber Sheets
AS3410 Nontoxic Rubber Sheet (Food Grade)
AS3501 Mica Sheet
AM4101 100 Series
AM4102 200 Series
AM4103 300 Series
AM4201 Kettle Seal
AM4301 Other Mechanical Seal
AC5101 Expanded PTFE jiont Sealant
AC5102 PTFE Tape
AC5103 PTFE Thead Seal Tape
AC5104 Reinforced PTFE Tape
AC5105 Graphite Tape
AC5106 Asbestos Graphited Tape
AC5107 Expanded Graphite tape
AC5108 Fibreglass Tape
AC5109 Fibreglass Ladder Tape
AC5110 Fibreglass Tadtope Tape
AC5111 Ceramic Fibre Tape
AC5112 Carbonized Fibre Tape
AC5113 Carbonized Fibre Tape coated Aluminium
AC5114 E-glass Fiber Tape coated Aluminium
AC5115 Asbestos Tape with Rubber
AC5116 Dusted Asbestos Tape
AC5117 Dust Free Asbestos Tape
AC5118 Mica Tape
AC5201 PTFE Yarn
AC5202 Expanded Graphite Yarn
AC5203 Dusted Asbestos Yarn
AC5204 Dust Free Asbestos Yarn
AC5205 Dusted Asbestos Rope
AC5206 Dust Free Asbestos Braided Rope
AC5207 Acid-resistant Asbestos Rope
AC5208 Ceramic Fibre Yarn
AC5209 Ceramic Fibre Rope
AC5210 Carbonized Fibre Yarn
AC5301 Dusted Asbestos Cloth
AC5302 Dust Free Asbestos Cloth
AC5303 Electrolytic Asbestos Cloth
AC5304 Asbestos Cloth coated Aluminium
AC5305 Ceramic Fibre Paper
AC5306 Ceramic Fibre Cloth
AC5307 Carbon Fibre Cloth
AC5308 Carbonized Fibre Cloth
AC5309 Carbonized Fibre Cloth coated Aluminium
AC5310 Fibreglass Cloth
AC5311 Textized Fibreglass Cloth(Heat Treatment)
AC5312 Textized Fibreglass Cloth coated Aluminium
AC5401 PTFE Stick
AC5402 PTFE Pipe
AC5403 Mica Pipe
AC5404 Fibreglass Sleeving
AC5405 Nylon Pipe
AC5406 Viton Pipe
AC5407 Silicone Rubber Pipe
AR6101 PTFE Oil Seal
AR6102 Silicone Rubber Oil Seal
AR6103 Viton Oil Seal
AR6104 Oil Cap
AR6105 Non-framework Oil Seal
AR6106 Outside Framework Oil Seal
AR6107 Rubber Vibration Insulator
AR6108 Rotary Shaft Oil seal
AR6109 Driving Shaft Oil Seal
AR6110 Crank Shaft Oil Seal
AR6111 Valve Stem Seal
AR6112 Emulsion Pump Seal
AR6113 Shock Absorber Oil seal
AR6114 Rear Shaft Oil Seal
AR6201 O Ring
AR6202 U Ring
AR6203 Y-Type Ring
AR6204 T-Type Rubber Ring
AR6205 Hexangular Ring
AR6206 Silicone Ring
AR6207 PTFE Ring
AR6208 PU Ring
AR6209 Viton K-Type Ring
AR6210 Rubber Ring of ladder-lip-shaped
AR6211 NBR Lip Ring
AR6212 Viton Lip Ring
AR6213 Seal Ring Tolerant to High pressure
AR6214 Flange Joint Gasket
AR6215 Mechanical Canvas Filler Ring
AR6216 Seal Ring For Pipe fittings
AS7101 High strength Silicone fluid sealant
AS7102 Oil Resistant Sealant
AS7103 Silicone Sealant
AS7104 Sealant Tolerant to extreme Low tempreture
AS7105 Epoxy Resin Sealant
AS7106 Insulated Sealant
AS7107 NonfLowing cementation sealant
AS7108 Acrylate Sealant
AS7109 Thread Sealing Adhesives
AO8101 Intalox(IMTP)
AO8102 Teller Rosette
AO8103 Pore Corrugated Packing
AO8104 Mesh Ripple Packing
AO8105 Pall Ring
AO8106 Saddle Ring
AO8107 Rectangle and Saddle
AO8108 Ladder Ring
AO8109 Heilex Ring
AO8110 Conjugate Ring
AO8111 Polyhedron Empty Ball
AO8112 VSP Ring
AO8113 Mini Ring
AO8114 HolLow Ball
AO8115 Floating Floor inertance Resin
AO8201 Packing Tool(S)
AO8202 Packing Tool(M)
AO8203 Packing Tool(L)
AO8204 Tools For Oil seal installation
AO8205 Gasket Cutting Tool
AO8206 Brake Packing Cut
AO8207 Gasket Punching Tool
AO8208 Simple Packing Cut
AO8209 Muddy filler Injection Gun
AO8301 Seal Machine

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