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Rimpex Rubber supplies rubber linings such as high quality rubber lining, room temperature self curing butyl rubber lining, natural rubber lining.

High Quality Rubber Lining

New Repair Technology
For Used Rubber Lining Equipment

Patent Certificate
For Room Temperature
Cure-Self Butyl Rubber Lining

Physical And Chemical Properties
Of QH Serials Rubber Lining

Room Temperature Cure-Self
Butyl Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining For HCl Tank

Rubber Lining For Pipework

Rubber Lining For Pipework

Rubber Lining For Pipework

Rubber Lining Unit
In Nuclear Power Plant

Serial Products Of Rubber Lining

Testing Unit

Thermal Vulcanization
Natural Rubber Lining

Thermal Vulcanization
Natural Rubber Lining

Identified through high temperature vulcanization and room temperature vulcanization rubber linings, there are 3 serials, 15 grades of products such as hard rubber, soft rubber, hard-soft layers to meet the requirement of antcorrosion lining for different users. Particuarly, QH serials butyl rubber lining can be cure-self in room temperature, which is developed by ourselves, takes in the international postition counting on its outstanding anticorrosion performance and advanced engineering precessing technology.

We have completed anticorrsion rubber lining for more than ten key projects in electonic, power, pesticide, chemical fibre, textile, print and dyeing, fertilizer, chemical, foodstuff, pharmaceutic and smeltery industries early or later. These services are appreciated and trusted by many users through safe operation and desirable economic and social benefits.

We have passed the ISO9002 certificate , we will provide you quality product & after service in reasonable price.

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