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Butyl Rubber BK-1675N

BK-1675N is used in production of tyre inner tubes, diaphragms of shaper-vulcanizers, latex of butyl rubber.


Appearance Color is homogenous for the whole bale - from white to yellow
Viscosity MB, 1+8 (125 °C) 47-54
Differences in viscosity in one lot, units, max. 6
Nonsaturation, %, mol. 1.6 ± 0.2
Ultimate tensile strength, MPa, min. 20
Modulus at 400%, MPa, min. 7
Relative elongation, %, min. 620
Loss of mass at drying, %, max. 0.30
Ash content, %, max. 0.30
Iron content, %, max. 0.010
Antiaglomerate content, %, max. 1.1
Stabilizer content, %, in range 0.05 - 0.20
Other admixtures none
Vulkanizer parameters (MN, ML- dN*m, tS2, tS50, t90 - min.) optional

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