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Rimpex Rubber supplies Powder Fluororubber FE2651, China origin.

Powder Fluororubber FE2651 is some fluorine elastomers in powder shape, which could be used as polymers processing aids.

Powder Fluororubber FE2651 could be added into polyolefine such as high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polypropylene (PP), etc. to improve their machining performances, avoid or reduce surface defects like melt fracture of plastics products, reduce plastics moulds's requirements on pressures, powers and temperatures, reduce plastics apparent melt viscosity, improve narrow die orifice's processing property, avoid die orifice's accumulation phenomenon and enhance production efficiency at same moulds pressure and temperature.

Product Performance of Powder Fluororubber FE2651
White or light yellow powder
Density, g/cm3
Moisture Percentage, %
Sieve Residue, 1000um, %

Remarks: All above datas are representative values.

Attention Points:

  • Powder Fluororubber FE2651 is encapsulated directly into PE film bags, net weight 20Kgs/bag, then packaged into hard cardboard barrel whose inside is applied with dampproof plastics, net weight 20Kgs/barrel.
  • Powder Fluororubber FE2651 is easy agglomerated into blocks during storage and conveyance, should avoid acutely bumping, sunlight insolation, rain drenching and humidity incoming.
  • Powder Fluororubber FE2651 is suitable for storage in cool, dry and good ventilation places. Reserve valid period is 12 monthes from production date.

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